Bestselling book—completely revised and updated! Contains secret minutes, never before published, on how the U.S. government covered up the Katyń Forest Massacre in order to placate Joseph Stalin and his successors.

Read: a synopsis and excerpts from new English language edition (left image below) and reviews from New York Times and other leading newspapers. Click on the images below for information about each edition.


Katyń - 2010 Edition
Katyń - Czech Edition
The Last Sarmatian
Latvian Edition

About Allen Paul – A former journalist and political speechwriter who received the Commander’s Cross, one of the Government of Poland’s highest honors in 2009. Watch excepts from the Riga, Latvia launch of Allen's book. Katyń reached number two on three bestseller lists less than a week after it was published.

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Read and comment on 'Halloween in Poland.' It's a short story I've written about changing values -- especially how time-honored traditions are often threatened by mass culture. I look forward to reading your reactions (please add them to this blog post).

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